Sunday, June 3, 2007

Howdy stangler!

Helo and welcoming to my blag! I am named vladimier and I am being new to your country and new to the contenant of Orlando. My neghbor who is name secret from me is leting me post my blag on his websight, he has promised me it is the numbur #1 news sight in this contenant and is only chrging me 200 us dolars per lunar month. I am new to english but I have spill chick so I am being ok.

He is also giving me and the wife of mine clothes with websight name to wear at pubic. He is huge bear of man and wife of mine afraid of him. We wear clothes even to sleep from fear of retrocusion.

today neghbor tel me to call him "the web master". Not knowing meaning but he hav fist like can of ham so I do it. He also borow to me american documentry call "24". It is tru life story of "jack bowser" and how he stop illeteracy with much deaths and shoting.

My wife come in room for living and yell "you watching that crazy box agin? I bet that not even reel!". I pull out bea bea gun I use to taunt kitten and point it in her way and yell "is this real enuf for you wife? now cook borsch!" and I fire a bea bea to skared her but I mis and it broked the teevee. So now off I am to "the best by" I am hooping to find one same siz as broked one, 10 itch teevee not esy to come by bak home.

thanked you again for reading my adventurs
Vladimier Slovinski

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